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Before starting, learn a few details about the person. Start with their birthday or the state they live in. Once you have those details, the volume of information you can find online about a person is amazing. In fact, it can sometimes prove overwhelming. When searching for people online, be sure to use multiple people search engines for the best results. There are many websites that search standard social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

The search results from Pipl are impressive. To use Pipl, however, you will have to sign up. This is a little frustrating, but worth it as the results are good. I even did a search for my wife, who works as a local government councilor, and Pipl revealed a document she was mentioned in. Probably the most powerful tool to find someone who used the internet a long time ago is Google Groups.

Google Groups has incorporated over million Usenet messages into its database, an impressive archive of internet conversations dating back to Usenet channels were a popular way for people to access the internet before its explosion in the late s. Universities, research centers, tech businesses, and other bodies relied on Usenet for collaboration and more. You should also get some good results for Canadian residents, too. TruePeopleSearch will typically return a list of previous addresses, along with phone numbers.

Useful to law enforcement and private eyes, this displays names of past college roommates, colleagues, and more. No doubt scraped from public Facebook information Watch Out! Read More , this is useful information.

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What this website brings to the game is that it offers more extensive information than others. What it does, though, it does well.

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For example, after selecting a likely candidate, FindPeopleSearch provides a map with the likely location of your quarry. Family information might also be listed here, depending on what data has been collated for the individual. You could find an important familial link here, such as a brother, sister, or even an aunt, uncle, or cousin.

The results are always impressive, although they can be somewhat garbled. For example, a search for my own records mixed up details about me with those of others with similar names. As with all these sites, keep in mind that the data collected might be inaccurate. This could be due to mistakes in the source data, or errors when names are matched. Sometimes tracking someone down requires a little bit more creativity than just typing a name into a search engine. Obviously, you will need to have some idea of the high school s the person attended.

Start off by selecting a school by state and city, then enter the name of the student to search for. And in all honesty, services like these just might help you save time and frustration. And based on feedback from hundreds of readers, these companies had an average rating of 2 stars, due to 3 common complaints:. They will ask for more money if you don't get the information you were looking for and after getting your money will not give any information.

What I can tell you is it wasn't even close to accurate; they didn't even have my birthday right, which of course throws off everything else they are trying to do. Many information brokers claim their data is cross-checked for accuracy. Beforehand, you submitted a change of address form, which is considered public information. Sure, if a people search company crosschecked your address between the CA and WA databases, it would match.

I found it to be a scam. In addition, a lot of these companies require you to sign up for monthly memberships in order to access reports, which might only contain basic information. Want more details? To top it all off, customers often complained that customer service was unhelpful in canceling subscriptions, ending trials, or obtaining refunds.

So, how can you avoid all these problems? By learning to use Google and other sites to obtain many of the public records you need. Although it can vary by state, here are the most common types of information found in people search reports: date of birth, phone numbers, previous and current addresses, relatives, criminal record, government licenses, social media details, and email addresses. Other common data points include voter registration information, real estate including tax liens or businesses owned, permits, aircraft and watercraft owned, and more.

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Nearly all of this information is available online for free. You just need to know where to look! This includes social security numbers, financial credit card and bank account numbers, etc. If someone was motivated enough though, they could probably even dig up your social security number and a copy of your signature with relative ease.

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For more information, be sure to learn how to protect yourself from ID fraud. Remember earlier when we talked about the early days of public records searches? In , Entrepreneur Magazine praised Search-It-All as the best online search tool for finding email addresses, phone numbers, and street addresses. In , Macworld heralded Search-It-All as the best all-in-one search site around. The new site operated as Searchbug. Two years later, Searchbug partnered with Whitepages.

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During and , Searchbug changed directions a bit. The company became an affiliate of BestPeopleSearch.

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The shopping, job search, package tracking, and other search services were dropped to hone in on providing personal information. In , Searchbug began establishing content reselling agreements. By , Searchbug. And by , Searchbug had locked in content reseller agreements with Roommates.

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Searchbug continued developing their own services during these years as well. In , Searchbug premiered its first verify phone batch services and their own API. The next year, Searchbug started offering membership subscriptions for public records searches and upgraded their self-service batch processing tools to provide better information at lower prices. In , the company offices were relocated to Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, California. Two years later—in —the company released its first batch append contact information services and API.

After another three years of development, Searchbug launched fully automated batch processing and monitoring services. They also added a batch processing dashboard to improve the self-service aspect of the batch processing services. Today, Searchbug still offers individual people searches. However, the company has pivoted to focus on helping businesses improve their operational efficiency with accurate and dependable personal information.

Searchbug Searchbug has big plans for its website in United Online acquired the company in By , Classmates. This placed Classmates. The Classmates. The overhauled platform focused on high school yearbooks, movie trailers, songs, and photos.