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The record comes with a contract which stipulates that the buyer may not attempt to sell or make money from the record for years, although the owner may release the album for free should they wish to.

As entertaining as all this is, by far the best thing about the original sale was the fact that the Wu-Tang included a clause which might well be the best thing anyone has ever had written into a legally binding contract. See below:. The 10 most expensive vinyl records ever sold Whether you are new to collecting records or a seasoned vinyl hoarder, one of the joys of expanding your collection is finding a bargain.

The Beatles: Sgt. More Articles View All. News June 7, News May 26, May 29, My Record Collection June 7, Home Music The 10 most expensive vinyl records ever sold. And as a special note: I am not advocating selling your Vinyl Me, Please records, even if they are very valuable. This part seems obvious, but this is the part where your money is mostly made or lost.

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This can also work against you in a different way: I sold a compilation I listened to only once three years ago, and when I put that record in my Discogs , I noted that I had the black version. But because I just trusted my older self, I sold that record as the black version, and a dude named Jerry in Oregon got a discounted color record. This ties into that last paragraph: You should re-examine every record you are selling on Discogs, and determine its quality. Discogs uses the Goldmine standard for record rating.

What Is The Value Of Your Vinyl Records ?

Pricing is probably the hardest part of selling on Discogs. Because I was trying to get my funds up, I generally sold my records for less than the median sale price because they sold faster, but if you want to wait to try to get top dollar, you can go higher and ride the wave and wait as long as it takes till someone is desparate enough to make a purchase.

As a whole, the book is diverse and thorough, covering many genres with over 75, entries, over 18, artists on over 1, record labels. Despite the great number of independent and custom releases, I have documented as many bands and singles as I could find. The response to the idea of having our Australian version has been tremendous from collectors, friends and fans alike, which contains a very large amount of home grown artists. Those who were successful may find their releases in the overseas Record Guide publications but most do not get a mention. Even years later, they still can be heard on Australian radio today.

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Vinyl is also making another comeback on another front with artists nowadays deciding to release their latest albums on vinyl, new and old artists selling vinyl releases at concert merchandising stands and record companies now re-releasing albums from decades gone by on new vinyl. No matter what your taste, this is an essential work of reference for any music fan or collector. We are very excited to be honored with this award. The goal of the ARSC Awards program is to recognise and draw attention to the finest work now being published in the field of recorded sound research.

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I have just received your vinyl record guide and would like to congratulate you on cataloguing such a massive amount of information. Let me congratulate you on this book you have put together.

Well done and congratulations on a magnificent publication. Charts began to appear in Australia in with 2UE in Sydney publishing a giveaway via record stores and Top 40 charts were later published in newspapers with the sole purpose of advertising for specific radio stations. As collectors of all ages track down all the records they want in a particular genre, they start to broaden their horizons.