Motor vehicle crash operator report

They are costly, troublesome and above all dangerous. However, there are several very simple tips that can help make an unpleasant situation a little easier for everyone. Nothing should ever be done at an accident if it could jeopardize anyone's safety.

This includes drivers, passengers, pedestrians and other passing motorists. Below are some very simple pointers to remember if you are in an accident: Remain Calm: Do not panic, do not argue, this will only make matters worse.

Motor Vehicle Crash Operator Report - Printable Forms - West Brookfield Massachusetts

Your Safety First: Put your car in park, put your hazards on. Make sure you are not hurt. Make sure those in your vehicle are not hurt. If anyone is hurt, and it is safe to do so, remain where you are, and call for help. Do not try to move an injured person, unless staying in the vehicle will cause further injury, for example a car fire.

Dmv Accident Report

They should not require you to do that for them. If you would like a copy for your own information and records, you may request it by filling out our Police Report Request Form and returning it to us. The terminology here is a little misleading. Whether or not an accident is "reportable" does not refer to whether or not the accident was reported to the police, but rather whether or not the driver s should fill out and file an Operator's Crash Report.

All accidents should be reported to the police department as soon as they occur, so that officers can be on-scene to evaluate what happened.

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Your insurance company should also be notified as soon as possible. More clarification is below:.

What is The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Crash Operator Report?

A "reportable" accident is any motor vehicle accident which occurred on a public way where:. All drivers are required to fill out and file an Operator's Crash Report with the Registry, the Police Department, and their insurance company for reportable accidents. Any motor vehicle accident that occurs on private property — a private road, in a private parking lot i.

Even though the police may be called and are on-scene for a non-reportable accident, driver s do not have to fill out and file an Operator's Crash Report. Your insurance company, however, should be notified as soon as possible, and they may ask you to fill out a Crash Report for their information. You need to be able to differentiate between these terms in order to fill out your Operator's Crash Report accurately:. Your driver's license number not your license plate number. This is generally a 9-digit number beginning with a letter usually S , printed on your driver's license. The registration type is printed on your paper registration; there is a list of 3-character codes to choose from. Here are a few more terms you'll find on the Operator's Crash Report that have a definition you may find helpful:. On the Registry's Operator's Crash Report form, the term "property damage" refers to damage caused to anything other than vehicles, regardless of whether the property is considered private i.

Reporting Minor Car Accidents in Massachusetts

The examples listed in parentheses in this paragraph are all examples of "property" for purposes of filling out the Crash Report. Accidents which occur on public ways may be considered reportable.

Reporting Minor Car Accidents in Massachusetts

Roads designated as Private are not maintained or plowed by Town and are therefore considered private property. In addition, private parking lots or lots for private businesses and driveways leading to private homes are not considered public ways.

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  8. Accidents occurring on private property, including private roads, are non-reportable. Skip to Main Content. Accident Assistance If you've been in a car accident, taking care of the paperwork, working with your insurance company, and getting your car fixed can be confusing and overwhelming.

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    Forms and Reports Use the "RMV" downloadable forms button in the quick links panel on the right side of our main police page to access most forms listed here Many people confuse the various forms and reports that are generated for each accident. Basically: You are required to fill out the Crash Operator Report if your accident is reportable You can use the Information Exchange form to help with your Crash Report.

    Your insurance company requests a copy of the Police Report, if any. You may also request a copy. Here is some more clarification: Exchange Form Operator Information Form The Exchange Form or Operator Information Form is a big help when you are filling out your paperwork and talking with your insurance company.