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Sequoyah County, Oklahoma Records

Oklahoma State law requires each real estate property to be visually inspected at least once every 4 years and we want property owners to know who we are and why we are there. Field appraisers also carry additional equipment with them such as tablets and cameras to gather the data and record the visit with a supporting photo of the property. Each appraiser will also have their name plate and phone contact located on the front pocket of the vest. We want the public to know they may contact our office if they have any questions regarding an appraisal of their property and that we are here to help.

Most criminal fines have been only modestly increased in recent years, and in many cases they have decreased in value due to inflation. However, the number and amount of fees has expanded significantly.

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The growth of fees has resulted in Oklahomans paying much more in connection to their court cases now than they did a quarter of a century ago. While one might justify raising a fine for violations by arguing that harsher punishments for speeding would improve public safety, that logic does not appear to be driving the rise in costs of speeding tickets.

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Just over 24 years later, N. However, J. The new fees cover items like courthouse security, child abuse prevention, and vehicles for the Department of Public Safety.

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  4. One surprising result of the accumulation of fees is that the doubling of fines in school, tollbooth, and construction zones has become a much less significant sanction. While traffic violations have seen a steep increase in fees, even more fees have been added for more serious offenses.

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    For example, public defender fees are added to criminal misdemeanor and felony defendants if they cannot afford to hire legal representation; about 80 percent of defendants fall into this category. In many cases, especially those that involve more serious crimes, several charges are brought in the same case.

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    Because fines and fees are assessed separately on each charge, the minor fees are multiplied and become much more significant. Critics have described DA supervision as a conflict of interest, because DA offices depend significantly on the revenue generated by these fees. They have a vested financial interest if that person is convicted or not and put on probation.

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    Absolutely, it would be great if we could do that, but you know what? In many counties, county jails charge defendants a daily fee while they are incarcerated. For defendants who are denied bail or unable to gather the money to bond out, these fees can easily multiply into several thousand dollars as they wait for their case to be resolved.