Finding the best dog for your family

Please refresh the page and retry. P icking the right dog is tricky because it is easy to be swayed by the wrong things.

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Before you rush in, research potentially suitable breeds and, if you can, spend time with the kind of dog you are considering. Explore breed characteristics and talk to family and friends who own dogs. Here are some key things to consider. A small house or a flat would not be the ideal environment for some breeds because even the calmest dog still needs space to move from room to room.

How to choose the right dog breed for your family

Some small dogs, such as Jack Russell terriers, need lots of space as they are so active. And think about noise — in a flat or a terrace house, a very vocal breed could disturb your neighbours. Consider whether the family dynamics might change : is a baby on the cards, or might an elderly relative come to stay? Under-fives need careful supervision with any dog, but some breeds are more comfortable around children.

He recommends bichon frise, Cavalier King Charles and labrador for families with school-age children. He thinks Cavalier King Charles and dachshund are wonderful companion breeds for the elderly, while active adults will find a Jack Russell or a beagle is always game for adventure. Breed characteristics can be revealing — so do your homework.

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Consider where a breed originates, the climate it is used to and the job it was bred to do. Some working dogs, such as collies, appreciate their own space; fun-loving breeds such as Dalmatians relish a lively household.

Adoption Prep

All dogs need exercise and daily interaction with their owners, and most do not like being left alone for long periods. So I always say the larger dogs, the sturdier dogs, are better for small children. Q: My child has allergies.

Training 4 Different Dogs: How to choose the BEST Dog for You!

Are there truly hypoallergenic dogs? Those dogs produce less dander, so people with allergies tend to tolerate them better.

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  6. 14 Best Dog Breeds For Kids That You Can Adopt If You’re Starting A Family.
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  8. Those are breeds like the Bichon, the Portuguese water dog, the Kerry blue terrier, the Maltese, poodles. Even in the hypoallergenic breeds, you may have a sensitivity to one particular dog more than another.

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    A: Look at what the dogs were bred to do. If you want a high-energy dog, look at the sporting breeds, the herding breeds, and a lot of the working breeds.


    And an unhappy dog can be a destructive dog. A pet store? At a dog show? A: Go to a reputable breeder. Or you can find breeder ads online.

    Picking The Right Dog Breed |

    Here are some key questions to help you do that:. The answers to those questions can help you determine if this person is a responsible breeder or just someone selling puppies. The socialization is especially important. Another good thing about getting a puppy from a responsible breeder is that you have a fountain of information and knowledge to help you along the way.

    What can I do? A: You should not be sold a puppy younger than 8 weeks old. Some breeders want to keep their puppies up to 12 weeks. But really anywhere between 8 weeks and 4 months is fine. Healthy Pets Healthy Dogs Guide. Q: Are some breeds more "kid friendly" than others? Which ones?